Alex and Laura's Wedding

30th April 2016

Our Story


How we met

It was the 20th May 2010 when their eyes first met across the college computer room. They both had been subject to an extra session in their college schedule called the 'Achievement Project'- the reason for this is pretty self explanatory knowing how relaxed they both were to have their assignments etc handed in on time. By the end of the session Alex had kindly offered Laura a lift home, but Laura - being the stubborn one - decided she would much rather walk. As soon as she got home, she continued with her normal routine (Sign onto Facebook and update herself with the social networking world). Curiously, she typed in Alex's name to snoop in on his life and considering there wasn't much to see due to his privacy setting, she bravely 'added him'. Seconds later the add was accepted and Laura received a message asking if she enjoyed her walk home. The conversations died down after Laura realised that Alex was in another relationship, but they remained friends, speaking from time to time.


The start of the relationship

Three years passed and having been out of a relationship and being young and adventurous for such an amount of time Alex asked Laura if she was ready for a relationship. They didn't make it official at this time as they thought it best to wait until both had returned from their partying holidays that were organised over the next month. When they weren't on their jolly's or at work, they spent every night getting to know each other in Alex's love hut (also known as The Shed in the Back Yard). It was the 2nd July 2013 when Alex returned from his lad's holiday in Magaluf, he had the minibus drop him off at Laura's house, she was obviously sorely missed. They sat on the swing in the back garden soaking up the last rays of the Chorley sunlight and finally had the talk. Not knowing what kind of roller coaster lay ahead of them, they made it official.


Love Hut

A few months passed and they decided that the 'Love Hut' was no longer substantial. August 17th 2013, the date that they became an independent couple and moved into 17 Buchanan Street. All the excitement of being in a new relationship and having the world at their feet went a little further than expected.


Two Blue Lines

It was 6am August 26th 2013, Laura got this feeling that needed to be addressed in the sense of a pregnancy test. The results seemed to take forever. After a lengthy two minutes, the result began to appear on the panel of the stick. Emotions ran high as Laura stared at the two blue lines, questions rapidly circling. She went back into the bedroom to alert Alex of the new obstacle in their path. Half asleep, Alex briefly looked at the stick and thinking it was just a thermometer, went back to sleep.


The Scan

A week or so passed and emotions where still running high for both. They had the talk that was about to change their world upside down. They couldn't believe it, their titles where now Mummy and Daddy to be. October 24th 2013 was the date they saw their little bean for the first time. The news still didn't sink in and they both continued with their day-to-day lives.

'It's a boy!' the gender scan came around so fast. Alex was beyond happy that his first born would be the heir to his throne.

May 4th 2014 was bump's due date. The next few months where spent preparing to move house and buying for the baby. Pram, cot, moses basket, clothes and more clothes... It was safe to say the baby had more things than mummy and daddy put together.

The day they moved into the new family home arrived after months of decorating and refurbishing. February 2014 was a tough month, what with moving in and organising rooms/space to put everything (the baby's things).


Now to await the arrival...

It was the morning of Alex's mum's birthday - 26th April 2014 - when the contractions started. With the help of Laura's mum and Alex, Laura gave birth to the most perfect bundle of joy they could wish for at 15.14 that day. Leonardo Alexander Pilkington was born weighing 7lb 2oz. 8 days early, Leo could not wait to make his presence known.

The next few months where challenging to say the least, but Laura and Alex won any battle that life threw at them and decided they needed some time out together. A holiday was booked at the end of September for a mini break of 4 nights away in Sunny Spain. It was fab! The first holiday they both had away together was a success and they both returned refreshed and restored - not much of a tan mind.


So there was a house and a baby what could possibly come next...

December 13th 2014 Alex surprised Laura with a night away at the gorgeous, relaxing Windermere Boutique Hotel. They went for a romantic meal where Alex originally wanted to pop the question. At the time Laura was suffering a nasty cold so they didn't stay in the restaurant long, mainly due to a crazy family sat next to them and Laura coughing, sneezing and spluttering everywhere - Not an attractive look! They went to Booths up the road from the Hotel and bought snacks and beverages to last the night and spent the rest of it enjoying the hot tub, steam room and cinema room in the hotel room. It was bed time, although Alex wasn't quite ready for bed yet, Laura was so ill and tired that she needed sleep. Alex was running out of time and decided it was now or never! Slipping the small, black box under Laura's pillow, he thought she would feel it. Considering Laura is no sleeping beauty she continued trying to get some shut eye. That plan failing Alex managed to grab Laura's attention by grabbing the box and saying "Ooh! What's this?". As Laura didn't quite know what to say or do with an incline to what was going to happen next, Alex then opened the box, presenting the most gorgeous, shiny ring and said "I want you to be mine forever?!" Laura cried tears of joy and without hesitation threw her arms around her husband-to-be. That was it, the champagne was out and they were celebrating their engagement.

It was February 2015, and they decided to start looking at wedding venues. A few venues where viewed and not up-to scratch. They had one last venue booked in at the Preston Marriott. They met with the wedding planner and took a look around the venue, discussed prices and dates and this was it... The perfect venue!

Venue booked and deposit payed. 30th April 2016 - The date the pair where to be wed set in stone. The reason the date was chosen was it was a round about anniversary date for a few things that had an impact on their lives e.g. It will be approximately 3 years before this that they got close and 2 years after the birth of their forever growing son.

The next year was spent booking in entertainment, venue dressers, florists etc... for the big day.

The pair decided it was time to take the little man on his first holiday in September of 2015. Knowing how great Menorca was the year before, all 3 of them jetted off for a week of fun filled activities and sunshine. Leo loved it!

Christmas 2015 came round and went quicker than you can blink and here it was - 2016 - The year that Laura becomes the next Mrs Pilkington.

Hen Party

Dublin, Ireland


So many activities occurred on this trip. On Monday 11th April 2016 the Bride to be along with her mum, maid of honour, Groom's sister and Mother of the Groom flew to Dublin from Manchester for Hen Do part 2. On landing in Dublin the weather wasn't fantastic so finally arriving at the apartment and dropping off the luggage a traditional Irish Breakfast was a must. There were a few Irish coffee's and Baileys hot chocolates consumed whilst planning the first activity. Deciding on going to Adventure Rooms (a game where - as a group - you have to escape the room through completing a number of challenges) for the Monday afternoon activity. This was so good that the following day the activity was booked again but in a different room. The weather was absolutely dreadful so the group decided it was best to go to the local supermarket to buy snacks and alcohol...lots of alcohol and stay at the apartment that night. Drinking games where played and wine was poured... continuously. The following day arrived and the group went to the well-known Guinness store house to learn about and drink some Guinness. After that a little pub was found on the corner which served lunch. It was a typical "local pub" that had a couple of gentlemen perched on the bar. The second game of adventure rooms completed and the ladies went back to the apartment to get ready for the "posh frock" evening. It was fantastic! There was a lot of talking, drinking and dancing, and by the end of the night there where 5 very giddy ladies walking back to the apartment through the streets of Dublin looking a little worse for wear.

Stag Do!

Bratislavia, Slovakia


I'm still waiting for Alex to let me know what they did... this will be updated soon!

Our Wedding Party

Tom Best Man

What does this team member to? Keep it short! This is also a great spot for social links!

George Best Man

What does this team member to? Keep it short! This is also a great spot for social links!

Abbey Maid of Honour

Abbey has been Laura's best friend for over ten years meeting for the first time in high school. When together the inner child definitely comes out. Having gone through so many up's and down's but still pulling together it only made sense to have her as Maid of Honour at the wedding

Leanne Chief Bridesmaid

Leanne is Alex's sister. Laura and Leanne have gradually become close friends throughout the three years of the Sweeney/Pilkington relationship. The whole wedding planning and preparation have brought the soon to be sister-in-laws closer.

Chloe Bridesmaid

Chloe is one-of-two of Laura's sisters. She is a pain in the bum at the best of times but Laura wouldn't have her any other way.

Lisa Bridesmaid

Lisa is Laura's cousin and close friend. Laura lived with Lisa for nearly five years before Alex entered the equation. There was a lot of partying throughout those five years and so many great memories where made.

Rebecca Flower Girl

Rebbeca is the other of the two sisters. Although she may look like butter wouldn't melt, she does like to monkey around. Rebbeca suits this role down to a tee.

Leonardo Paige Boy

Leonardo AKA Leo is Laura and Alex's son. He is the best and most important thing in the world. Leo had to have an important role in the wedding and being Paige Boy was perfect.

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The Wedding

Ceremony and Reception

30th April, 2016

Just like marriage, our wedding will be an adventure. The ceremony will be held at Preston Marriott Hotel. The Preston Marriott is a distinctive old Manor House with a stunning drive and striking entrance, perfect for a grand arrival. The beautiful grounds offer a great setting for photographs, so make sure you take plenty!

We will be having an intimate and romantic setting for our wedding breakfast in the Garden Room followed by a grandeur reception in the Broughton Suite for our larger celebration.

Hotel Accommadation

Rooms are available to be reserved at the the Preston Marriott Hotel, so no worrying about how to get home after the drinking and dancing!

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